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Around age eleven, Frost moved to New England where the majority of his poetic inspiration is presumably drawn from. We will write a custom essay sample on Critical Analysis of Robert Frost or any similar topic only for you. Although he never managed to obtain a collegiate degree, he did attend both Dartmouth and Harvard, two of the countries most prestigious universities.

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Although Frost did not break from poetic convention as radically as some of his peers in the modernist movement, he is nevertheless considered a modernist poet in part due to the use of the New England vernacular that is present in the majority of his poetry. He glorifies our innocence by comparing it to the beauty of tree with golden buds just before they bloom.

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This observation and metaphor is true to the human condition as well, as we are born innocent. As for the recurring theme, at the end of the poem man is left alone in the universe, stripped of innocence and disconnected from God. He uses nightfall during winter in the woods as a metaphor for loneliness. His description and figurative language paint a picture of the most lonely and isolated place imaginable, a wintry desert place. This is where the recurring theme fits in; Frost internally is more concerned about his human condition where he finds himself alone in a vast universe that is indifferent to his existence.

Birches by Robert Frost - Analysis

The entire poem sets up the delivery of these last two lines so that the reader can understand the significance of this theme to his life. This could be for a couple of different reasons; perhaps it is the fact the speaker has the companionship of his horse. Either way, the poem begins in the woods as the speaker thinks back to civilization and the man whose property he is on.

He recalls being playing as carefree boy and the birch trees become a metaphor for his childhood innocence that he longs to have back.

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