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In Ethiopia the word for nostalgia is tizita , Wildschut points out, which is also the word for a style of music. It presses all those buttons. Longing, swaying. The stories students tell also share those unmistakable elements. In strongly nostalgic states, individuals are shown to be more likely to commit to volunteering or other expressions of altruism. Their sense of the value of money is weakened, leading them to make wilful purchases. Couples use shared nostalgia narratives to create and strengthen bonds between them.

In group situations those with induced nostalgia not only tend to feel more closely bonded with the group but also more willing to form intimate associations with strangers and to be freer in their thinking. In one experiment, subjects in whom nostalgia had been induced were asked to set up a room for a meeting — those in a nostalgic frame of mind consistently set up the chairs closer than those in the control. The essays written in a nostalgic state were judged more imaginative and creative storytellers, professional nostalgics, have long intuited this, not to mention poets.

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Are some nations more prone to nostalgia than others? It seems to me that as a parent you habitually and subconsciously invoke nostalgia as one technique of helping children through difficult periods — reminding them to think of happier moments as a defence against the present and a hope for the future. Is there evidence to suggest, I wonder, that part of successful parenting lies in trying to lay down experiences that children can refer back to and use in this way — is that the impulse behind memorable birthdays and holidays?

We first did this with students. The correlation proved other connections, too. One of the ironies of parenting is that however hard we might try to engender such feelings, we have little control over what childhood experiences children will actually return to, what memories they will use to create their sense of identity. I suppose reinforcing some formative positive experiences over and over is one way of attempting to manipulate that subconscious selection process? Wildschut concurs. If there were to be therapeutic uses of nostalgia, he suggests, they would have to include methods to direct victims of one kind of trauma or another to positive memories.

Once positive memories are instantiated they might have only represented half an hour of your entire childhood, but you can dwell on them and return to them forever. Nostalgia in this sense, I say, is like choosing the neural pathways you want to tread most often. I always remember something my PhD supervisor did. We went on an annual picnic to the seaside.

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A fellow PhD student of mine went to relieve himself behind a bush. Make it memorable!

And we remember our PhD supervisor fondly for giving us that example. Memory is often made out of doing surprising things. That is often what inspiring teachers do. If at a social event people do something crazy, with benevolent intent, then people will remember it. That is what is called having good anticipatory nostalgia skills. They know what they are doing. Of course advertisers — think Hovis — and political speechwriters — think warm beer — have long understood the power of collective nostalgia.

Is it not the fact that such feelings can also manipulate us into doing things, buying things, voting for things, that in more coldly rational states we might resist? The nostalgists concede this danger certainly exists, particularly in group situations.


In one study, Wildschut and Sedikides induced a nostalgic state in a group of Greek students at the university, using songs and so on. But it is possible to do it in a strategic way.

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In one series of studies we asked people to think of a nostalgic event that involved a person who is overweight. Most people could think of a friend or family member, and we later measured their attitudes towards overweight people as a whole — because there are terrible statistics that reveal negative stereotypes.

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We found the nostalgic participants showed improved attitudes toward the entire group. The stigma about nostalgia was quite pervasive in the academic community. But after about 10 years we did not hear that any more. And also to look at the importance of other opportunities for nostalgia. Our short-term goal is to try to convince the bosses to bring back the idea of the Christmas party.

Organisations are incredibly short-sighted to think about cutting them over costs. We need to develop ways to measure inherent nostalgia— and then there is the great question of whether nostalgia is inherently conservative or liberal.

With an afternoon to settle into a book, do you? Where are your cuddly toys? Clothes that no longer fit? I think they fit fine c Are a nagging motivation for me to lose weight d Linger on walls — fabric mementos of the lost days of summer. Schooldays were… a Like vaccinations — a necessary unpleasantness b A mixture of academic disappointment and lamentable pop music c The best d I now teach there.

Confectionery of choice? Here are our 6 simple tips, When you take that trip down memory lane,.

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Down Memory Lane. Writing; Youtube; Meta.. I am writing a fictional story on the Khoi-San.. We all love a good trip down memory lane providing they are the good type of memories!

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Sometimes all it takes is a familiar smell or a certain taste to evoke. To reminisce over memories of past events, especially happy ones. My grandmother spends more time walking down memory lane these days than talking about the present.. Thanks for writing this trip down memory lane, and doing it so eloquently. I was 14 at the time and had been in the north stand for more or less every home game since.

A Trip Down Memory Lane. Definition of take a stroll down memory lane in the Idioms Dictionary. A trip down memory lane. Skip to content. Search for: Tag: Sad. I paused it and am writing this while crying.. Search for: Tag: Ready. Learn more.. Learning to Walking down a quiet Free Essay: Personal Narrative - Travel Writing I took a final look around my room "Have a safe trip early European explorers noted down their different Home; This was the greatest disappointment. I did not have much money for return trip..