Psychology a level coursework

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Students should expect, at the onset or foundational level, to get an introduction to the discipline and to the scientific methods for example, statistics. There will be some coursework in human development. APA does not accredit undergraduate psychology programs. Capella University, also offers several Online Master's and Doctoral programs in Psychology including both clinical and non-clinical specializations.

Psychology Undergraduate Programs | Explore BA and BS Program Options in Psychology

Click here to contact Capella University and request information about their programs. Some undergraduate courses survey psychology specialties. Some require multiple human development courses focused on different stages of the life cycle. It is possible to do a concentration or specialized track in fields like applied developmental psychology or even cognitive neuroscience.

Choosing a Bachelor’s Degree Program in Psychology

Some concentrations for example, addictions may help students achieve baccalaureate-level certifications. The American Psychological Association does not have an approval or recognition process for undergraduate programs in psychology, but does offer resources for assessing program quality. Some standards are discipline-specific, some shared with other majors.

Standards cover psychology knowledge base, scientific inquiry, and professional development, among others. That undergraduate psychology coursework can be an advantage at the graduate level.

Top 5 psychology exam mistakes students make - Psychology A level Revision Pro-Guide

But just enrolling as a "psych major" and taking the classes won't be enough to propel a person into a competitive Phd program. The American Psychological Association notes that research is part of what can help you make the cut.


The APA has this advice to offer students who are planning to take their education beyond the undergraduate level: Look for a school where you will have research opportunities and access to faculty members. Your professors should be available to do more than grade your papers!

There are plenty of opportunities for undergraduates to immerse themselves in the professional culture. Michelle Burstall Andrea Mead. Contact us. Ask Auckland. School of Psychology - Leading psychological science, scholarship and practice.

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Stage I courses Your first-year undergraduate courses will give you a broad understanding of Psychology. There is a limit of places in this course. FOR Staff.

Psychology Bachelor's Education Prerequisites

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