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The term pagan refers to a whole list of religions not one "pagan" religion. If christians were worshiping their tree every year then i would say yes but as it is today christians are just celebrating the birth of christ. With the great number of pre-christian religions it would be hard for anyone to invent a holliday that could not in some way be tied to some pagan religion.

Every month of the year could be tied to one or another god and any icon made to represent the holiday could also be tied to some pagan god. Originally posted by ravhen Why do you assume I participatein a Christmas mass? Well let me revise my question, do you go to a Christian church on Christmas? If not maybe you should just to see what Christmas is all about in the true religious sense. My assumption is based on you stating that you were a Christian, and I was using mass in a more general sense and not purposely implying Catholic.

My main point stands though in after everything is pushed aside it is the basic message in church is the only thing that represents the religious side of Christmas. If I understand what your trying to do If that is the case, I salute you as a Christian. There are many, even in my own church, that don't realize what all the symbolism means and what God said about it. Look at Jeremiah 5 or is it 10?

We discussed these things in our sunday school and are now looking at all the giants and Genesis Blowing some minds Originally posted by Xtrozero Originally posted by ravhen Why do you assume I participatein a Christmas mass?

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I attend church on xmas and every other sunday of the year , but its non-denominational and we just have a normal service on that day as we believe that Christ was not born on xmas. I'm not trying to troll or argue for the sake of arguing. Thats just the point of what i'm trying to present I believe that the so called "religious side" of xmas should be celebrated every other day of the year, not just pushed aside for xmas. Originally posted by ravhen I attend church on xmas and every other sunday of the year , but its non-denominational and we just have a normal service on that day as we believe that Christ was not born on xmas.

Why do you call it xmas, is the word Christmas painful to you? Well ok, I can see your point but I fail to see either side as right or wrong. May I ask you if you just have 52 generic Sundays, or if you have any speical events during the year?

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Also why do you attend Church on Sunday and not Saturday? It really doesn't matter if we choose to set aside the 25th for Christ's birth. I do think we need to reexamine how we choose to celebrate. Yes, we do typically have 25 generic sundays no special processions. As for meeting on the first day of the week, that is done in reference to Acts where it says that they met on the first day of the week to break bread.

Originally posted by endtimer reply to post by ravhen. It is so hard to break away from the mainstream brainwashing that has been heaped upon us by the societies we were raise in. It is very good that you have looked into and searched for the truth cause the truth will set you free For all of those that say, "Well the actual date doesn't matter" I plan to celebrate YOUR birthday tomorrow and what a celebration it will be Come and join me. If you were born in May, who cares? Let's celebrate Why was he persuasive? Several factors are implied.

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They knew he was worth listening to. The man was credible. Secondly, he put the Christians, who had caused the disturbance, out of the room. Then, presumably when tempers had quietened down, he addressed them. He was a wise old bird, who knew a thing or two, and was greatly respected. Furthermore, he attended to practicalities. He first quelled the atmosphere to enable them to give him the attention he needed.

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He did not rant. But his case was reasonable enough and it won the day. So there was much more going on here than relentless intellectual logic.

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He won their trust. At Thessalonica, we read that Paul in the synagogue was engaged in dialogue Acts We need to note also his very different approach to non-Jews in Acts , Acts , where he argued from their culture, not Scripture. Clearly from these two examples, there is more going on here than philosophical logic. I have to say that I cringe from raucous preachers, people who shout at their audiences, wave their arms about and try to whip up their emotions, instead of talking to them like normal human beings, with reason, gentleness and respect.

Such preachers are in my view an appalling model for good evangelism. Our bearing in evangelism matters. Our credibility is at stake. Can this man be taken seriously? Is he reasonable? Is he arrogant? Is he nice? This reminds us that the message itself appeals to the conscience, bringing conviction about its intrinsic goodness and I take it that the character of the messenger must be consistent with it in the way he delivers it.

We have renounced secret and shameful ways; we do not use deception, nor do we distort the word of God. However, that does not give us licence to use sloppy arguments in a good cause. We should research and present the best case we can, argued as tightly as possible.

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In fact, I know it is. I have heard lots of unpersuasive arguments. It clearly is not enough to be nice and kind, if we are not also convincing. Neither is it enough for our message to appear plausible but ultimately be found to be unsubstantial. There is nothing to be gained by making out that our case for belief is better than it is. Exaggeration is a form of deception. Better to understate our arguments — and let the enquirer discover later that they are better than he first realised — than to overstate them. Many have suggested that Paul regretted his approach to the Athenians and adopted a non-intellectual approach subsequently.

I call this the Corinthian Heresy. There is some important background information here to help us understand the particular difficulties Paul encountered. Greek oratory continued to flourish in the Roman world and Corinth was noted for its visiting orators no television in those days!

They were generally young men of athletic build and enormous self-confidence, who could speak, it seems, on any subject requested of them and entertain their audiences with flowing words, dramatic gestures and empty rhetoric. It was boastful, insolent, and full of empty bravado and misguided aspirations! When Corinthians heard Paul, they expected him to be another visiting orator but he could not compete. Far from bravado and athleticism, he was anxious and weak.

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Furthermore, he only had one message that he had come to speak about and he was not prepared to entertain audiences according to their requests. And he was not relying on an impressive flow of powerful rhetoric but on the power of God himself 1 Corinthians For those expecting to hear a visiting orator, Paul was a big disappointment. That does not mean that he did not try to present his message convincingly. In fact, it is clear that he did Acts , 8; 2 Corinthians This raises another important matter. Should we worry about the words we use? Do we need to be careful about language?

Well, I think Luke thought so. His Greek was eloquent. It surely is important that people find us easy and interesting to listen to. Think of good broadcasters that people love to hear. Or journalists whose columns are widely read and discussed.