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Controlled Assessment Essay Welcome! Lesson Aim Make notes for an A4 prompt sheet to take into the controlled assessment. An essay demonstrates something to be the case. As in a scientific experiment or a court case. It uses evidence in support of an idea.

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Make your point, give an example then explain its effect. The audience can see that Sheila is jealous when,while at Milwards, she is rude towards Eva Smith. An Essay is: Your opinion on a little bit of a subject. It uses evidence to support that opinion. In your answer,refer closely to the text tosupport your views BUG 1. Underline the key words in the question. This helps you sort out expected content.

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Glance back. After you make your plan — are you still answering the question?

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In your answer, refer closely to the text to support your views. In your answer, refer closely tothe text to support your views. Your topic is Priestly presents Inspector Goole a Goole wanted character whose to make the main function is to Birlings think. How does J. Priestly present thecharacter ofInspector Goole? Then You Plan your Essay for a word essay 1. Paragraph one. Paragraph two. Paragraph three. Plan your 3-part essay structure Introductory paragraph which includes a thesis statement. There are people around us who are peddling drugs without thinking of its effect on countless children and members of the society.

Each member of the family has a different attitude towards responsibility. There is a similarity between Mrs Birling and Shelia.

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In real life, we all have different attitudes to responsibility for our parents, family, friends, work and school. In your play, you as the playwright, encourage people to seize the opportunity at the end of the war and give them a chance to build a better, more caring society. For example, just before the Inspector walks in to the Birling household unexpectedly, he creates a dramatic effect by his statement and the use of dramatic irony shocks the audience.

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I loved the ending of the play. The ending leaves the audience on a cliff-hanger. The tension comes back flooding in. It is a surprising final twist. I particularly liked the use of music because it created an effective atmosphere.

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I also liked the use of lighting because it is very attractive; the lighting involves the audience into the play. The Inspector is in the street outside speaking, with children walking around as though they were homeless. The Inspector was dressed up in dark suit with an overcoat. Lighting also makes an effect as it reflects the mood of the play.

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Poor people often depended on charity. But wealthy people, such as Mrs. Birling, in the play, usually controlled the charity. Priestley wanted to create a change in society and make the upper class feel more responsible for the rest of society. An Inspector Calls was first performed after World War 2 with the increasing power of capitalism in the Western world the economic system in which companies and people make most of the decisions. Quality of life was low after the war, Priestley believed both the rich and poor would benefit from a focus on looking out for one another.

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As this play is set before World War 1 but performed just after the second world war, Priestley sends an ironic warning to the audience and characters clearly referring to the war of what will happen if his message of responsibility is ignored. He homes her and looks after her which shows that he knew she was vulnerable and in need of help; however, soon he just abandoned her.