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National Highways Authority NHA In order to understand the concept of value creation in this regard, it was imperative that interviews be conducted with the Government functionaries controlling the Motorways. Luckily this opportunity came by during the Inland study tour, as a visit to NHA Head Quarters was also planned in its itinerary.

The following facts are gathered from the presentation made by Mr. The growth of NHA as an organization is the result of the interest and vision of the present Government. NHA has been established under National Highway Act and its main functions are to plan, promote, organize and implement various construction and development operations and also include repair and maintenance of National Highways and the Motorways.


It is headed by a Chairman, is supported by six wings including administration operations, planning, constructions, Public Private Partnership and finance while a GM Audit and GM Inspection, also support the Chairman. The general direction and administration of NHA and its affairs vest in the Executive Board comprising: 1. Chairman NHA Chairman 2. Additional Secretary Finance 4. Joined secretary Ministry of Communication 6. VP Nespak 8.

Member Finance NHA 9. It also approves the annual budget and has the power to control, direct and regulate the affairs of NHA. In addition to that, it reviews and reappraises various projects and also approves the 5 year plans and perspective plans of NHA. The Executive Board derives its Powers under section 8 of NHA Act and its main functions are to consider and approve proposals, schemes and projects exceeding Rs.

In addition to that, it also reviews NHA's progress reports and approves various projects to be funded through toll and other receipts. He also deliberated upon NHA's current and future programs, which included regional connectivity as well as linkages with Gawadar. In addition to that, it has developed vision for trade and transport sector, which includes improved trade competitiveness, establishing an efficient and well integrated transport system and it also aims at reducing transport costs and enhance the road density from 0.

There are 83 Foreign aided, Government and Deposit work projects with an estimated cost of Rs. The three main projects, the NHA is excited to undertake is the Pak- China economic corridor which starts at Khunjerab and terminates at Gawadar with an approximate length of about km. The second project is the Karachi Lahore Motorway which is approximately km in length. The third project is Muzafrabad, Mangla, Mirpur express way which is about km in length which originates from Muzafrabad and terminates at GT road near Dina.

The start of constructions in these projects depends upon the detail, design and feasibility study. The estimated value of NHA assets are approximately Rs.

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An amount of Rs. As far as NHA revenues are concerned, a total of R. As far as various issues and challenges being faced by NHA, they included financial resource constraints regarding NHA programs and maintenance of roads. Other than that, the main challenge is capacity of NHA, its contractors and consultants and the relevant industry. Finally the diversity of Terrain and limited working season, also affects the pace of projects.

The major strengths of NHA are adoption of American standards that are being followed in maintenance of these roads. M2 Motorway which was constructed 16 years back and had a life of ten years but it is surviving because of high standards of maintenance by the NHA and it's still good to travel.

However now there is a strategic shift in the government's policy which is now inclined towards BOT Build Operate Transfer for its new projects. It is the dawn of a new era for NHA as infrastructure development is the most expensive proposition which leaves little funds for repair and maintenance. India has also successfully implemented this policy and has benefitted as all investment is done by the private sector.

Benefits The Lahore-Islamabad motorway has benefitted Pakistan by improving the socio economics condition of the country. The multidimensional benefits of the project ought to bring healthy, social, economic, geographical and cultural change according to the sources. The technologies available today offer a number of ways in which we can better manage traffic flows on our motorways, including the hard shoulder to traffic during congested periods, as seen on the M2.

Much more than documents.

They also offer the potential to implement other innovative managed motorway solutions, such as various form of traffic segregation and access control. Further, investment in infrastructure could support in vehicle communications with roadside equipment and other advanced technology system that could improve driver information, traffic management and road safety.

As Alastair Scrutton, a journalist from Reuters puts it 'If you want a slice of peace and stability in a country with a reputation for violence and chaos, try Pakistan's M2 motorway. At times foreign reporters need to a give a nation a rest from their instinctive cynicism. I feel like that with Pakistan each time I whizz along the M2 between Islamabad and Lahore, the only motorway I know that inspires me to write.

Indeed, for sheer spotlessness, efficiency and emptiness there is nothing like the M2 in the rest of South Asia. There are many things in Pakistan that don't get into the news. Daily life, for one. Pakistani hospitality to strangers, foreigners like myself included, is another. The M2 is another sign that all is not what it appears in Pakistan that much lies hidden behind the bad news. There have been various connotations associated with the Motorways. For once, the special highway police are considered incorruptible. For supporters of the project, it shows the potential of Pakistan.

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Its detractors say it was a waste of money, a white elephant that was a grandiose plaything for the then government. A relatively expensive toll means it is a motorway for the privileged. All these questions were kept in mind while preparing a questionnaire, and sending it to motorways users, in order to assess the public value component which I would discuss later.

So after all this discussion about the motorways and the inter related organizations, it seems that not only public value has been created by this project but it apparently will continue to be sustained as all the stakeholders including consumers, government, organizations and employees have managed to create an island of excellence within Pakistan.

The hypothesis is also supported by the responses received against the questionnaires I sent to consumers in order to check if they're willing to sacrifice something in order to continue using the service. These included the travellers that used various bus services rather than their own transport. They prefer taking those buses that ply on the Motorways. These results tend to prove the hypothesis that for public value to be created by a government project or service it is necessary that the benefitting public should be willing and ready to sacrifice something in return.

From the results of this questionnaire, it is observed that not only the public is willing to pay a heavy toll fee for continuing to use this service but they also are willing to pay more in the future if the standards of the service delivery remain the same. It is also proved, that in a lawless kind of state we currently live in where traffic violation on the road of metropolitan city is a norm, and we read about incidents of scuffles on daily basis Motorway police is one such organization which is adding to this public value by being efficient and just and making sure that no offender goes unpunished which is the basis of their success.

That's the reason people accept their decisions and pay the fines when apprehended despite being very steep. I wonder what stops the authorities to replicate this model all over Pakistan. So in a nutshell, we can say that public value would continue to be created and sustained as the enabling environment is there, the concerned government agencies are performing to a very high standard which includes maintenance of law and order as well as the roads.


The public would continue to use the service as long as this triangle is maintained. The Metro Bus Project The Punjab government, after realizing the gravity of the situation in transport sector has taken up the same as a priority sector with the vision as 'Provision of efficient, economical, comfortable and safe transport facility for the public in Punjab'.

The stated objectives, in the MTDF are: i To provide accessible and time saving travelling, ii To develop environment friendly transport system, iii To regulate, monitor and maintain a robust transport system in large cities of the province. The initiatives include encouraging private investment in urban transport sector in Public Private Partnership mode, provision of subsidy to the urban transporters to facilitate induction of new buses in the urban transport system and capacity building of the department through Transport Planning Unit.

The current allocation for the sector is Rs. Public transport service delivery was done by government till late s to an acceptable level. The successive governments continued to act as a service provider as well as a regulator.

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As of , the population of Lahore was estimated at about 9. With increase in population of Lahore 7.

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Resultantly, there has been a high degree of proliferation of vans, rickshaws and Qingqis in city over the last ten years. Most of these vehicles still keep plying on roads without proper authorization or safety standards resulting in congestion and accidents. To address this issue, several attempts were made by successive governments in s and s to revive the public urban transport sector. Most of them failed to produce desired results because of inherent inefficiencies in the public sector.

In late s, it was realized by the then political government that urban public transport cannot be ensured on sustainable basis without public sector intervention by giving incentives to the service providers. As a result of these incentives, many new private operators came on scene by investing in urban public transport e.

In with the change of government, financing and subsidy model was redesigned reducing the incentive for private sector which was further squeezed in A Supreme Court verdict in December declared franchise of routes with exclusive rights for operators as ultra vires for denying fair competition. Moreover, from onwards, the Federal Government encouraged consumer banking by giving loans at concessional rates for private vehicle purchase. This resulted in a sharp increase in private and commercial vehicles on the roads and disappearance of HOVs leading to increase in commuters' hardships, traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

Consequent to the foregoing, private operators ran into losses and their operations were adversely affected. This is where the illegal public transport operators mostly LOVs, Rickshaws and Qingqis came into business demanding exorbitant fares and even misbehaving with the commuters. In the above mentioned context, the key question for the government was: 'How to revive public urban transport and ensure efficient, affordable, comfortable and sustainable public transport to the people'? To address this question, the current government conceptualized a master plan for provision of efficient and affordable urban transport in Lahore.

In line with the well established international standards and guidelines of the World Bank, government recognized importance of the principle that service delivery in transport sector was responsibility of the government and it should not be a commercial activity. The vision was to develop an integrated public transport system in Lahore. Debates about trade-offs among values are central to the field of public administration and to graduate education in public affairs. Moreover, student ability to articulate a public service perspective is one of the universal competencies for NASPAA accredited programs.

Scholars have defined and cataloged myriad values that guide work in professional public service.

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Still, many programs lack insight into how new students perceive and prioritize public service values. Thirdly, we must believe that those dedicated employees around us working in government are not the problem as much as the bureaucratic systems in which we are to this day forced to work in that are the principle problem with government.