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The most popular section of the team notebook might be the Match Analysis I:. Inevitably, some players will take their analyses home with them to study and work on. Others will whip through the questions in minutes. Depending on the number of athletes on the team, coaches will read and perhaps take notes on the collection in minutes. See Figure 2 or link on to the Match Analysis 1 page online.

The Match Analysis II takes athletes approximately 10 minutes to complete and may be used as a discussion guide. Coaches may read and perhaps take notes on the collection in minutes. Preseason Thoughts The prompts on this page are great for helping players reflect on the previous season and write goals they wish to establish for the upcoming season. Writing Preseason Thoughts takes the athlete minutes. Depending on the number of athletes, a coach will read and perhaps take notes on the collection in 20 to 30 minutes.

Here are examples of prompts for Preseason Thoughts:. What were your strengths last season as a volleyball player? List your strengths and write about one: — Last season, in what areas did your playing skills need to improve — In the offseason, what did you do to improve as a player?

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What contributed to this performance? So, for example, perhaps you plan to improve your hitting for accuracy, blocking technique, or strengthen your legs:. What will you do to reach your Personal Athletic Goals? As with Preseason Thoughts, an athlete may take minutes to write out these thoughts and a coach may read and perhaps take notes on the collection in minutes. Here are examples of prompts for Postseason Thoughts:.

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The pages may be blank pieces of paper or the coach or players may create any number of different page styles e. For travel or select teams, players might keep a day-to-day journal of sights seen and games played.

Volleyball, especially beach volleyball, is played in Australia , New Zealand , and throughout the South Pacific. A four-year cycle of international volleyball events, recommended by the FIVB, began in with World Cup championships, to be held in the year following the Olympic Games; the second year is the World Championships; in the third the regional events are held e.

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Beach volleyball —usually played, as its name implies, on a sand court with two players per team—was introduced in California in Beach volleyball was added to the roster of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents.

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Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. But in a good way. You know that motivating anger that makes you feel like you could run a marathon? I had that anger coursing through my blood and my first game it showed.

And thats when the coaches really looked at Rachel Isakson. Volleyball seasons start off in a tournament. Where all the teams come in with a streak, and everyone comes in blood thirsty for that win. Sure this doesn't mean anything to the real season. These tournaments don't count, but they get people looking at you. They get people talking about you.

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Our first game was against Lalola Missoula and they had a huge girl on their team that could hit fastballs that would make you fear for your life. Than Mrs.

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Pasma came in to announce the lineup. My body was shaking, knowing with my height I would be playing front row. That is if I get put in. She was rattling off names when I realized that she said Rachel left hitter. I was starting.

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The national anthem was playing and I had my hand on holleys shoulder. And I was shaking. But I knew I was going to make an impression.

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The line up was a blur. And soon the referee was checking the line up and I was pacing back and forth. The whistle blew. We had won the serve and Dani was serving. Without thinking I jumped with both my of my hands pressing over the net. The crowd roared but I didn't notice. This was my first varsity victory. We won that game with ease.