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Below is a list of online writing guides, videos and blogs that provide comprehensive tips and guidelines for academic writing, and thesis writing in particular. These resources are geared toward graduate students in the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Public Administration, and Sprott School of Business.

If you are a Science or Engineering and Design student, check out our page of writing resources for Science and Engineering.

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Please email David with any content suggestions or reports of broken links. The dissertation process can be all-consuming.

The Thesis Statement: Writing in the social sciences

With constant deadlines, committee meetings, research, writing and endless hours of anxiety-ridden procrastination, tackling your dissertation can easily become the single most defining feature of your life. Do not let your dissertation define you. This article offers a few helpful insights on how to strike a sustainable work-life balance while getting through your dissertation. By Shaun Stevenson.

For those of you looking for non-traditional resources to help you through the dissertation process, blogs can provide insightful perspectives, reserves of relevant articles and links to helpful information from across the web. Better yet, they are often a wonderful and humorous place to commiserate about the sometimes woeful process of dissertation writing.

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This article will look at three excellent blogs that you may just want to turn to when struck by that familiar feeling of procrastination. This resource links to an in-depth 46 page PDF which serves as a comprehensive dissertation writing guide. This is an excellent 6-page PDF that includes common problems in beginning and moving through the writing of your dissertation.

Deciding on your dissertation’s structure

While it is relatively short, it hits a lot of the key issues on the head, in a straight forward, concise style. Alexis Shotwell has posted her writing workshop as a series of videos on YouTube. These videos are highly recommended if you are trying to gain a new perspective on your academic writing and break free of the psychological traps that can diminish your confidence.

Part 1 — Taking an attitude toward your writing and resisting imposter syndrome. A lot of time is spent on the transition from life as a student to becoming a PhD candidate. That's fine, but that does mean the book is aimed at a particular audience at a particular time in their academic trajectories.

Writing a Dissertation or Thesis Proposal: Proposal Workshops

The book's discussions of both quantitative and qualitative methods are rather short, but they do provide sufficient food for thought and bring the beginning PhD candidate up to speed nicely I think. My students love the fact that this book contains so much valuable information in a compact form, which doesn't shy away from discussing more psychological dimensions of research they sometimes struggle with. A great book in a great series! Chapter One. Hosting more than 4, titles, it includes an expansive range of SAGE eBook and eReference content, including scholarly monographs, reference works, handbooks, series, professional development titles, and more.

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Description Contents Resources Reviews Preview Dissertations can be the most rewarding, and for some the most stressful, part of any undergraduate degree course, providing the opportunity for students to pursue a chosen subject in some depth, developing their expertise. The dissertation offers many challenges to those seeking to do it well and this guide is the perfect book for those seeking to succeed with their dissertation.

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Education , South Devon College. August 8, Report this review. Good for third year students embarking on dissertations, covers theoretical and practical issues. Dr Richard Peake.

get link Law , Leeds University. November 7, Dr Elisabeth Carter. September 26, Mr Ben Baumberg. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kent.

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  6. August 29, This text will be useful for nurse researchers adopting a social science stance. Dr Sheila Greatrex-White. Nursing , Nottingham University. April 24, Mrs Deborah Wilkinson.