My passion for becoming a registered nurse essay

I Want to Be a Nurse!

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Search for:. When I come into the room, I don't want them to wish it were someone else. I want them to feel they are in good hands.

Aundrea Chichester

I want to give them a sense of hope that the other staff and I will do everything we can and do it well. Fifth, I want to have good relationships with my colleagues. I want to be known as a hard worker and someone the patients like.

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  • I want my work to be an example of the servanthood of Christ. I know I can't accomplish these goals on my own. I will need to call upon God constantly.

    Why I Became a Registered Nurse

    Even with his help, I will not be able to accomplish them all the time. I need to remember that, because I get discouraged when things do not go as planned. I will have to keep myself healthy if I want to have the energy to attempt these goals.

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    • I want to keep God as my motivation for nursing-as an offering of myself to him. I Want to Be a Nurse!

      What Motivates You to be a Nurse? A Personal Reflection

      Although I attend to the needs of many, I am the one who is blessed. According to Karen, working in different departments helps a nurse become a better caregiver, and a better person. But my nursing career has been like that — revitalizing me with each new learning experience.

      If you have a passion for helping others and love to learn like Karen, nursing might be the career for you.