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Old Password. New Password. Et, longue comme un jour sans pain, Lamentablement, sa complainte Oh, la vie a du bon! Tu verras dans sa face creuse Se creuser, comme dans du bois, Un sourire; et sa main galeuse Te faire un vrai signe de croix.

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Les Amours Jaunes. It is not long since a "strong, silent" American, who had been spending a year or so in Paris, complained to me that "all French poetry smelt of talcum powder. On fait queue Ils disaient: Qu'est-ce qu'elle vend? At his weakest he is touched with the style of his time, i. His nearest kinships in our period are to Gautier and Laforgue, though it is Villon whom most by life and temperament he must be said to resemble.

Elle passa. Elle, avec son ombrelle! Rimbaud's first book appeared in ' His complete poems with a preface by Verlaine in ' The actual writing of poetry has advanced little or not at all since Rimbaud. Tailhade has painted his "Vieilles Actrices" at greater length, but smiling; Rimbaud does not endanger his intensity by a chuckle.

Tailhade and Rimbaud were both born in '54; there is not a question of priority in date, I do not know who hit first on the form, but Rimbaud's "Chercheuses" is a very good example of a mould not unlike that into which Tailhade has cast his best poems. The poem is "not really" like Tailhade's, but the comparison is worth while. Many readers will be unable to "see over" the subject matter and consider the virtues of the style, but we are, let us hope, serious people; besides, Rimbaud's mastery is not confined to "the unpleasant"; "Roman" begins:.

Les tilleuls sentent bon dans les bons soirs de juin! The sixth line is worthy of To-em-mei. But Rimbaud has not exhausted his idyllic moods or capacities in one poem. Assise sur ma grande chaise.

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  • Mi-nue elle joignait les mains. Sur le plancher frissonnaient d'aise Ses petits pieds si fins, si fins. The subject matter is older than Ovid, and how many poems has it led to every silliness, every vulgarity!


    essay about ernest griffin

    One has no instant of doubt here, nor, I think, in any line of any poem of Rimbaud's. How much I might have learned from the printed page that I have learned slowly from actualities. Or perhaps we never do learn from the page; but are only capable of recognizing the page after we have learned from actuality. I do not know whether or no Rimbaud "started" the furniture poetry with "Le Buffet"; it probably comes, most of it, from the beginning of Gautier's "Albertus.

    I wonder in what other poet will we find such firmness of coloring and such certitude. As in prose, Remy de Gourmont found his own form, so also in poetry, influenced presumably by the medieval sequaires and particularly by Goddeschalk's quoted in his de Gourmont's work on "Le Latin Mystique," he recreated the "litanies. The procession of all beautiful women moves before one in the "Litanies de la Rose"; and the rhythm is incomparable.

    It is not a poem to lie on the page, it must come to life in audition, or in the finer audition which one may have in imagining sound. One must "hear" it, in one way or another, and out of that intoxication comes beauty. One does no injustice to De Gourmont by giving this poem alone. The "Litany of the Trees" is of equal or almost equal beauty.

    The Sonnets in prose are different; they rise out of natural speech, out of conversation. Paul Fort perhaps began or rebegan the use of conversational speech in rhyming prose paragraphs, at times charmingly. Rose couleur de cuivre, plus frauduleuse que nos joies, rose couleur de cuivre, embaume-nous dans tes mensonges, fleur hypocrite, fleur du silence. Rose vineuse, fleur des tonnelles et des caves, rose vineuse, les alcools fous gambadent dans ton haleine: souffle-nous l'horreur de l'amour, fleur hypocrite, fleur du silence.

    Rose escarboucle, rose fleurie au front noir du dragon, rose escarboucle, tu n'es plus qu'une boucle de ceinture, fleur hypocrite, fleur du silence. Rose ardoise, grisaille des vertus vaporeuses, rose ardoise, tu grimpes et tu fleuris autour des vieux bancs solitaires, rose du soir, fleur hypocrite, fleur du silence. Rose neigeuse, couleur de la neige et des plumes du cygne, rose neigeuse, tu sais que la neige est fragile et tu n'ouvres tes plumes de cygne qu'aux plus insignes, fleur hypocrite, fleur du silence.

    He has in the "Odelettes" made two darts into vers libre which are perhaps worth many more orderly pages, and show lyric sweetness. Les ans sont lourds Et je leur dis: "Soyez tous deux les bienvenus. My own feeling at the moment is that his hellenics, his verse on classical and ancient subjects, is likely to be overshadowed by that of Samain and Heredia. Hueffer has used in English vers libre, rather than remembering the Parnassiens. Verhaeren has been so well introduced to America by his obituary notices that I can scarcely hope to compete with them in this limited space.

    Essay about ernest griffin

    One can hardly represent him better than by the well known:. Il est ainsi de pauvres dos plus lourds de peine et de fardeaux que les toits des cassines brunes, parmi les dunes. Il est ainsi de pauvres mains, comme feuilles sur les chemins, comme feuilles jaunes et mortes, devant la porte. Des fleurs de ma terrasse, Des fleurs comme au feuillet d'un livre, Des fleurs, pourquoi?

    His curious and, perhaps not in the bad sense, old-fashioned melodic quality shows again in the poem beginning:. I know that I have seen somewhere a beautiful and effective ballad of Merril's. His "Chambre D'Amour" would be more interesting if Samain had not written "L'Infante," but Merril's painting is perhaps interesting as comparison.

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    It begins:. Dans la chambre qui fleure un peu la bergamote, Ce soir, lasse, la voix de l'ancien clavecin Chevrote des refrains enfantins de gavotte. Merril's "Nocturne" illustrates a mode of symbolistic writing which has been since played out and parodied:. Tout dort. There is no need to take this sort of tongue-twisting too seriously, though it undoubtedly was so taken in Paris during the late eighties and early nineties.

    Essay about ernest griffin

    He is better illustrated in "La Wallonie," vide infra. Tailhade's satires seem rough if one come upon them straight from reading Laforgue; and Laforgue will seem, and is presumably, the greatly finer artist; but one should not fail to note certain definite differences. Laforgue is criticizing, and conveying a mood. He is more or less literary, playing with words. Tailhade is painting contemporary Paris, with verve. His eye is on the thing itself. He has, au fond, not very much in common with Laforgue.

    He was born six years before Laforgue and in the same year as Rimbaud. Their temperaments are by no means identical.