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Get Your Free Consultation! Which program are you applying to? No two people have the same history. Use stories and examples to make your background bright and stand out to demonstrate what makes you special. Discuss how your history has brought you to this point.

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What is there in your background that compels you to pursue an MBA at this time? Show your direction in the goals essay Use this opportunity to show that you have clear direction and purpose based on experience and planning. Use your optional essay to explain negatives in your stats If your GPA was lower than you would have liked early in your undergraduate education, use your essay to show how you learned from this experience. Everyone makes mistakes. How you deal with your mistakes shows a lot to the admissions committee — determination, discipline, success, resilience, and breadth of experience are qualities that will serve you well in your MBA studies and later in life.

Show that you understand the mistake you made, learned from it and changed as a result of processing the experience. That response shows maturity. Justifying — instead of learning or changing — is a sign of immaturity. MBA programs want mature adults. Almost all of them have made mistakes. Say what you mean, and mean what you say Admissions committees read thousands of essays during each admissions round. A concise, well thought-out essay will have them reading yours to the end.

You need examples and stories to support your statements and make your essay interesting and readable. Each of these needs to be to the point. These professionals are trained to spot an essay that is full of fluff and without substance. Avoid rambling and the use of keywords that you think the reader wants to see.

A non-substantive essay will lead the reader to conclude that you, too, are without substance. Find your passion This relates to tip 4 above. You want to grab the reader right away and create an essay that will keep their attention to the very end — and leave them wanting to meet you and get to know you even better. In other words, offer you a coveted interview! Find a theme, and weave it throughout your essay.

If you can identify a passion that you had from an early age and follow it through the different stages of your life, you will have an interesting, readable essay. Connect your passion to your childhood and you professional and extracurricular experiences and accomplishments. Demonstrate how your passion will influence your future career and serve the community at the school you want to attend. Focus on your professional experience and achievements Not everyone has a passion that they have carried with them throughout their life.

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However, since you are planning on attending an MBA program, you must have had professional and personal achievements. Highlight your professional skills and successes, as well as personal accomplishments.

3 Biggest MBA Essay Mistakes that Applicants Make

Admissions managers are not looking for a specific answer to any of the questions. There is no right or wrong. Many applicants use tiresome industry jargon, technical terms, financial lingo or management speak. Avoid this. Keep it simple and to the point. Stress what makes you unique. You need to take some time to think about some fundamental questions.

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What are your professional strengths and weaknesses? Not: what would you like them to be? What would you like to achieve by doing an MBA? Where do you see yourself heading after graduation? Having clear plans will help you put together a compelling picture of where you have come from, where you are heading, and why an MBA is critical for getting you there.

Take time to prepare your essays. Perhaps you can meet with a good friend to brainstorm and discuss why you are applying to a particular school and what your answers to the essay questions will be. Authenticity is key and if an applicant is able to stress what makes them unique. Business school application essays may require just one long essay or multiple shorter ones. Each school will have its own set of essays, so read thoroughly to understand the essay prompt. Let each essay be unique and crisp. Provide sufficient insights to address the primary essay question.

Instead of just listing down your merits, be more descriptive and get into the specifics. Highlight your extracurricular involvement , whether it involved volunteering for a non-profit organization or pursuing any hobby or sports or any opportunity where you played a leadership role or took charge of organizing any event. Read the common essay questions asked by your target MBA programs.

It may also include an optional essay question.

The optional essay should be made use of only if needed to explain career gaps , breaks in education, low GPA or any other aspect that deserves some clarity to the adcom to avoid being wrongly interpreted. Read this article to know when to use optional essays in college applications. A few schools like Vanderbilt Owen have a compulsory video essay while in some schools, the video essay may be optional. Get tips on how to tackle the video essay question. Read what people have to say about the school, get in touch with school alumni to know what the school has to offer.

As an example, Harvard Business School mentions on its official page that they look out for the following characteristics in a strong candidate — habit of leadership, analytical aptitude and appetite, engaged community citizenship.

5 MBA Admissions Essay Question Types and How to Tackle Them

It works both ways. Not everyone can make it to Harvard or Stanford! Be practical and apply to the best possible schools you find a good fit and where you have a good chance of getting in! If you need help in short listing the business schools and having a review of your application strategy, our MBA MAP process can help you gain clarity before you apply. The most common mistake we come across when evaluating our essay prompts is the applicant not actually answering the prompt.

Some applicants may respond with what they think we want to hear, but miss the mark. We are looking for applicants to clearly, concisely, and articulately answer the question our prompt asks.

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Typically, plagiarism is not an issue. Our essay prompts are very personal in nature and we want to get to know the applicant as best as possible. We are also looking for clear, straight-forward business language, rather than verbose language. Outline the essay and the topics you want to write about. I would do a great deal of reflection before writing the actual essay. We have word limits so fitting everything that you want to write is a challenge. The more you reflect and plan, the better the end essay will turn out.

The overall application along with essays are reviewed multiple times by multiple people on the Admissions Committee. We are looking at whether the applicant has truly answered the prompt.

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We are also evaluating the level of research a particular applicant has conducted on our program and whether or not they understand how they are going to optimize their time in our program. For everyone, but especially international applicants, we are also evaluating English writing skills as well. Well, do not take it lightly. Let your essays be as concise as possible. Editing for grammar and eliminating redundant usage can help shorten the length of the essay. Having a second pair of eyes review your work will help you gain fresh perspectives as well as identify gaps or missing elements in your story.

I am completed BE in Computer Engineering. I have 4. MIS is the field my interest lie in. Also could you please let know the average total expenditure Tuition fees, Boarding etc that would be incurred.

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Also additionally any certifications I need to complete to get some brownie points while applying. Hi I am applying for the MS in informatics program and have been asked the question.. Does our UG college standing not affect the application process?