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Little Olympics was a big deal in elementary and I thought I was so cool for being in all three running events. I was involved in the Little Olympics for three consecutive years.

State Cross Country Meet Essay

I believe this was the beginning of my competitive drive to run and be successful. Once junior high started I was involved in cross country and track every year, and continued to run both sports throughout my high school years. Running has a positive effect on my life and I have learned many life lessons from doing so.

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In high school, the year starts off with two a days for cross country, which were some very strenuous workouts twice a day for two weeks. I have grown up on a farm and have had to help work on it in the summer months.

The Significance of Track and Field in My Life

I started very young having to get up in the morning early and go out in the fields to help chop. This work involved walking in soft dirt, having to be out in the heat and dealing with sweat and gnats biting you when it was very dry.

This part of my life definitely helped me deal with the hot and sometimes gruesome workouts of two-a-days. Yet I loved the competitive part of running and continued to run cross country all four years in high school. Throughout my years competing, I had some injuries that affected my running but I had to learn to deal with the pain I felt running and keep going.

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Being motivated also made the training and competing seem easier and more fun. Learning to not give up and to keep persevering through the tough times was a very valuable lesson I learned.

I feel that in the next few years of college and in my future job this will be a very beneficial lesson. You have to work together and push each other in order to get better.

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Each day in practice you use each other to push yourself to make yourself better, faster, and stronger. In track I especially learned teamwork because I was on the relays. I had to be able to get along with other girls and work with them. Being on a relay keeps you focused more on doing your best because other girls are relying on you to do your part.

Running Changed My Life When I Was a Teen—and Now It’s Helping Me Find Myself Again | SELF

I am getting my degree in nursing and once I get a job I will be working with several other nurses and the teamwork I learned will prepare me for this. Also, about half my runs happen on treadmills as a means to protect my body from pain and as a way to protect myself from the unpredictable Ohio weather. I may be totally wrong, but I doubt that I was the target audience for his writing. Read it for what it is … a collection of loosely connected essays written by an avid runner who loves the sport. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Step 2: Purchasing Running Shoes

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